Stars captured at Brown Mountain Diamond, Kilkenny, Ireland, art, artist-led, photography, Carl Giffney

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Stars, The Brown Mountain Diamond, Co Kilkenny, Ireland, art, artist-led, photography, Carl Giffney

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Brown Mountain Diamond is an experimental artist-run art space in deep rural Ireland. We are homed in a small farm complex with farmhouse, outbuildings, barn, yards and fields. It is an art centre situated in North County Kilkenny and is a facility that supports diverse forms of art making, from visual to sound, through a series of projects, residencies and events. The project is founded, owned and operated by visual artist Carl Giffney. It takes much of its ethos and methodology from previous art projects including The Good Hatchery (co-founder, director / 2007-2016) and Frontiers in Retreat (participant, artist / 2013-2018). Eimear Malone joins Brown Mountain Diamond from 2021 as a further directing force, carrying out curated projects, hosting residencies and developing the facility as a whole. From 2023, Sara Damaris Muthi is our Curator of Visual Arts. She joins the team and is involved in everything from application selection, programming, to working with resident artists and coordinating funding proposals.

Videos feature (in order of appearance): Carl Giffney, Bobby Comerford, Angels Miralda Tena, Ciarán Murphy, Selina Gittins, Alexa Biacsko, Kevin Patrick Power, Teige Powell, Eimear Malone, Cuan Dignan, Mark Buckeridge, Abe Gittens Harris, Sam Cullen, Finn Cusack, Julian Erlinghauser, Kilian Prince, Tommy Malone, Hugh Cooney (and son), Tom Lynn, Maninder Singh, DJs inc Muc + Petshop, Psyckosocialities, Locker 43, Ruze, DJ Spooge and Micheal. The list expands.

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Huge thanks go to: Ann Giffney, Maura Curtin.


Brown Mountain Diamond

Stars, The Brown Mountain Diamond, Co Kilkenny, Ireland, art, artist-led, photography, Carl Giffney

The Brown Mountain Diamond is an art making facility in North Co. Kilkenny, Ireland. Started by visual artist Carl Giffney in 2021, it gives support and space to experimental art practices that pay particular attention to place, context and scale. The brown mountain, the brown mountain diamond, art, artistled, carl giffney, kilkenny, ireland, contemporary art, deep rural, 2021, co kilkenny, eire, visual art, sculpture, ncad, the good hatchery, giffney, artist-led, residency, deep rural, brown mountain, carlow, visual, farm